Three Things To Look For When Choosing A Pesticide Company For Rodent Removal

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When rats and mice invade your home, they can cause a lot of damage. Much of this damage will take place in your attic because rodents destroy insulation. They can also eat away at wires and cables. They can even eat away at the wood in your home, forming holes. These holes can often lead to the outside of your house, creating a doorway for more rodents to enter. Although they are shy and are not likely to bite, they can carry disease, and you should never attempt to remove them on your own. When you look for a rodent control service, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

Their methods should be child and pet safe

Chemicals used to kill rodents can often be powerful enough to make kids sick, as well as pets. Part of the strategy for controlling rodents is to prevent them from entering your home to begin with. This means there will be traps set around your home. A pest control company should have products and techniques that make it safe for your children to play in the yard without being in danger. Often there will be traps used, so these traps should be tamperproof and tucked away from areas where children and pets play.

Their methods should include your attic

Some companies take the easy route and just lay down a few traps around your house and inside your home, usually in dark, isolated places. But mice and rats love your attic, especially in the wintertime when it's nice and warm. Many attics are small, so an exterminator needs to crawl into dirty areas to place traps in the optimal areas. These traps will then need to be inspected at a later time to discover if any rodents were caught. A professional exterminator will include this necessary work.

Their methods should eliminate the rodents

Although there is no way that a pest control company can guarantee that the rodents will not come back, they should be able to eliminate them for a certain amount of time. For this reason, they should provide a warranty that the rats are gone. Their methods should be able to destroy all the mice and rats inside your home. In addition, they should be able to look for entry points to your home, so you can seal them to reduce the chance of rodents returning. Although there is no permanent solution to keeping rodents out of your home, a good pest control company will be able to eliminate them and reduce the probability of them coming back.

When you suspect you have a rodent problem, contact a company that keeps the safety of your children in mind. You also want a company that will go up into your attic for inspection and to set traps. You also want a company that can eliminate your rodent problem and give you a guarantee.

Contact a local pest control service to learn more.