Why You Need Professional Residential Gutter Installation

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When it comes to guarding your roof and property, a gutter system is one of the important parts of the puzzle. Without gutters, water has nowhere to drain after it falls on your roof, except down onto your driveway, landscape, or into your basement. Over time, this could lead to serious damages like foundation cracks or basement flooding. Gutters can help prevent this damage by intercepting the flow of rainwater coming off your roof and transporting it away from your home's foundation. However, for your gutter system to effectively drain water, you need to have it properly installed by a professional roofer. Here are reasons why you need professional residential gutter installation.

Quality Results

Your gutter system has to be properly anchored to withstand heavy rainfalls and winds. The gutters have to be placed at the exact angle of your roof for them to drain water properly. A professional gutter company will correctly select the right gutter system for your home and ensure it is properly installed. They will also ensure that the downspouts are properly connected to the gutters so that water can effectively drain away from your house.


Most homeowners underestimate how difficult and risky it can be to work on a ladder when installing your gutters. If you are not experienced you can lose balance and fall, leading to serious injuries or even death. A gutter contractor has experience working at heights and knows how to safely access your roof. In addition, most contractors have the proper safety equipment necessary to complete the job without injury.

Saves Time

Gutter installation is a time-consuming and complex project that requires careful measurements, precise cutting of materials, and several trips up and down the ladder. If you are inexperienced, this can take you many hours or days, which is time-consuming. Hiring a professional who does this for a living can save you time and ensure it's done right.

Access to the Right Tools

Installing gutters requires special tools like drills, cutters, cranes, scissor lifts, a crimper, and caulking material. Most homeowners don't have such tools and buying or renting them can be costly. A professional has all the necessary tools, which means you don't have to buy or rent them.

You don't have to put yourself or a family member at risk through DIY gutter installation projects. Hire a professional residential roofer to ensure your gutters are safely and properly installed. Contact a professional roofer, such as Top of The Trades, to book gutter installation services.