Why You Should Buy a Rooftop Tent with an Annex

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When you browse different vehicle rooftop tents, you'll find some that feature space on top of the roof of your vehicle as well as space beside it. This secondary area is known as the tent's annex, and it can vary in size from model to model. Typically, the annex surrounds the ladder that you'll use to climb into the tent, and the annex may also have one or more windows. It's a good idea to take note of which tent models have an attached annex, as this additional space is desirable for the following reasons.

Dedicated Room for Eating

While a lot of people will probably plan to eat outdoors when they're camping, rain or mosquitoes can sometimes make doing so unpleasant. If you encounter either of these situations, having an annex can be handy because of the space that it provides. While you could theoretically eat in the main part of the tent, some people may be reluctant to take food and drinks into where they'll be sleeping because of the risk of a spill. In the annex, you can eat more confidently because any spills won't result in wet bedding. Many annexes are large enough to accommodate a couple of folding chairs, making this space ideal for mealtime.

Extra Sleeping Space

If there's a need, the annex of your rooftop tent can provide extra sleeping space. For example, if you're planning a camping trip with your family and you decide to invite one of your children's friends to join you, it may be fun for the child and their friend to sleep in the tent's annex while the rest of the family sleeps in the rooftop part of the tent. This scenario not only gives the child and their friend a dedicated area that they'll think is exciting but also reduces how crowded the main part of the tent will feel.

Changing Area

Many people use the annex of their rooftop tent as a changing area. If you're camping in an area where you'll be swimming, your family will need a space to change in and out of your bathing suits. Changing in the main area of the tent can be a challenge due to the low ceiling. The annex of a rooftop tent is tall enough to accommodate most people. Additionally, annexes typically have flaps that you can use to cover the windows, ensuring that this space is private.

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