Use Knotty Lumber In These Ways Around Your Home

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When you shop for lumber, one thing that you'll quickly notice is that the presence of knots can vary significantly from wood to wood. Some types of lumber have little to no knots, while others have numerous dark knots throughout. While there are pros and cons of choosing knotty lumber, many people find that the look of this type of wood is rich in character — making it a good choice for a variety of jobs around your home. When you visit a local lumber store to buy wood for one of the following projects, consider the merits of knotty lumber.

Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Knotty lumber can be a good choice for kitchen cabinets if you favor a rustic look in this part of your home. Whether you're buying lumber and giving it to a local woodworker who will do this project for you or you're planning to build the cabinet doors yourself, the use of knotty lumber can completely transform the look of your kitchen. The knots that appear throughout the cabinet doors will add character to this part of your home, and you'll be able to choose a shade of stain that will complement the colors that are already present in your kitchen.

Children's Fort

If you have children, you might wish to build them a fort to play in. One option is a wooden tree fort, depending on the size of your backyard, but a wooden fort on the ground can be just as fun for kids. Knotty lumber can be a good choice for this project because you can punch some of the knots out of the wood during construction. In a tree fort, this will leave holes in the wood where the knots once were — resulting in fun holes through which your children can peek. If your kids enjoy water gun fights, they'll unquestionably use the old knot holes to shoot through.


Wainscoting adds a rustic look to certain rooms in your home. For example, you might favor it in a basement, a children's playroom, or another space in your home. Knotty lumber is a good choice for wainscoting because of the visual warmth that it provides. If you want to increase a certain room's rustic feel, knotty wainscoting can help to achieve this goal. Visit your local lumber supplier to browse the selection of wood, including lumber that features lots of knots.