Benefits of Wheel Weights for a Lawn Tractor

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Wheel weights are a topic that you should think about when you shop for parts to use with your lawn tractor. You'll find wheel weights at virtually any supplier that carries a wide range of tractor parts, and this is a feature that you'll appreciate in the years that you'll use the tractor. Wheel weights can vary in design, but they're all large, heavy weights that attach to the center of a tractor's rear wheels. Here are some benefits of having wheel weights on your lawn tractor.

1. More Traction

The main benefit that wheel weights provide is giving your lawn tractor more traction. When you add weights to the rear wheels, the weights push the tires into the ground so that their treads have more grip on the grass, dirt, gravel, or whatever surface is beneath you. A lawn tractor needs to have a lot of traction. When you're turning at a sharp angle, for example, you want the back tires to dig into the ground rather than slide. Better traction also helps you to move faster when you wish, rather than potentially spin your tires. This is something that can occasionally be an issue when you're working in wet conditions.

2. Lower Center of Gravity

Wheel weights also add weight to the bottom half of the lawn tractor to lower its center of gravity. This can help you to feel safer and more comfortable when you're riding on the tractor. For example, if you plan to occasionally cut grass or perform other work in hilly terrain, you don't want to feel as though there's a risk of toppling over. By lowering the tractor's center of gravity with a set of wheel weights, such an incident will be unlikely.

3. Protection for the Valve Stems

If you own a lawn tractor that has its tire valve stems on the outer part of the tires, the wheel weights can be valuable for protecting them from damage. For example, if you expect that you'll often use your lawn tractor in overgrown areas, there's a risk of a branch from a tree or a rock hitting a valve stem when you ride past the tree. If the branch or rock were to knock the valve stem off, you'd end up with a flat tire. The solid design of the wheel weights will typically cover the valve stems, protecting them from this sort of incident.