Fun And Fantastic Theme Ideas For Fish Aquariums

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It's easy for fish aquariums to become dull, boring places for fish to call home. It's a bit of a challenge to create an exciting place for your fish. You want to create a place where the individual personality of each fish can shine. These fun aquariums are fantastic homes for fish and can be entertaining projects — even labors of love — for the entire family.

SpongeBob Aquarium

You'll want to begin with a pineapple house, of course. Then, you can use SpongeBob-themed props that are widely available in kids' sections at stores across the country and online to complete the theme. You might even include some of your favorite SpongeBob characters. It's an aquarium kids of all ages can have fun creating and that your fish friends are sure to find inviting.

Under the Sea Aquariums

The Disney version of The Little Mermaid made quite a splash with audiences and is an outstanding theme idea for fish aquariums today. Many of the items you'll need can be found at local aquarium supply stores. Be creative and have fun with things like:

  • Sunken ship
  • Giant clamshell
  • Ariel
  • Ursula
  • Colorful aquarium plants
  • Flounder
  • Sebastian

You might even consider a blacklight and glowing "gravel" for the seafloor. The sky is the limit with this aquarium theme.

Harry Potter Quidditch Field

Who doesn't love a great game of quidditch? One of the most interesting modern themes for aquariums is that of the Harry Potter quidditch field. It has plenty of hoops for the fish to jump through, places for the fish to hide, and may even feature a dragon or two for added fun and adventure.

A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Whether introducing your children to the Star Wars universe or just now discovering it for yourself, transforming your aquarium into a new galaxy for your fish to explore can be a great way to share that love with your fish friends. You can recreate the planet Hoth, imagine the Mon Calamari homeworld, or recreate the planet Endor.

Fish aquariums are homes for your fish but are also part of your home's décor. There is no reason they shouldn't be as fun for your family as you want them to be for the fish who call them home. Consider all the ways you can transform your aquarium into a showcase that becomes a focal point for your room, your family, and your guests.  Hopefully, these ideas for aquariums will jumpstart your imagination and help you create an amazing habitat for your fish (or other aquarium-dwelling creatures) to call home.

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