Tips For Choosing An Ornamental Mailbox

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If you live in a condo or a housing complex, you probably get your mail from one of those centralized boxes with numerous cubbies. Perhaps you're moving from such a situation and you'll have a personal mailbox. Well, once you have your own standalone mailbox, you can choose from a variety of decorative mailboxes.

Choose Black or Copper

One of the first choices you'll make will be color. You could opt for a muted beige or nickel mailbox. However, Reeze Martin of Ezine suggests looking into a black or copper mailbox. Black is a classic because it will match any color scheme in the façade of your house. Copper will offer an attractive warmth to your exterior. Plus, its patina will change over time, which offers a unique look.

Consider Antique-Looking Models

If you're coming from one of the above-mentioned cubicle style mailboxes, you may want to go in the opposite direction. You could choose a mailbox that looks old-world. For instance, you see ornamented iron boxes on pedestals. The mail carrier opens a hinged door in the front to deliver the mail. You could also look into one that resembles an old-time letterbox, such as from a hotel.

Opt for the Ultra-Modern

Maybe you didn't mind the industrial nature of your old cubicle mailbox but you want a personalized update. You could look into a cubicle box but personalize the stand. For instance, you could have the box inserted into a mod pillar of boards. Conversely, look for a minimalist box with modern detailing, such as a wood façade or mid-century cutouts.

Indulge in a Custom Mailbox

Why not go full custom? You have many choices related to the design of the mailbox, and you could end up with one that's utterly unique to your home. For example, you could have the manufacturers screen your address onto the side of the box. They might even be able to diamond cut the numbers out or apply them in decorative metal. You could also look into boxes with painted sides.

Look into a Built-In Mailbox

A built-in mailbox could be a charming addition. You'll need either a fence with built-up posts or a nearby retaining wall. The box of the mailbox is tucked inside the masonry. All you see is the front. This front can represent the decorative aspect of your mailbox. For instance, you see iron doors with ornamental flourishes and hinges. The allure here is the chic profile of the mailbox.

Don't live with a bland mailbox. Choose instead a decorative mailbox that adds to the façade of your house.