Benefits Of Installing A Custom Awning On Your Home

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The sun can be wonderful on your patio or deck, but if you live in a part of the country where the temperatures routinely hit the triple digits, you may want to limit how much of the sun you are getting. An awning on your patio, deck, or house can help you control how much sun you have in a given area and when you want it there.

Retractable Awnings

One of the most common awnings people install on their home is a retractable awning because it can be extended or retracted to control the amount of sun you get under it. In some cases, the awning is over a window that you want to limit sun in or over an outside table and chairs where you sit to enjoy your coffee and some fresh air. In any case, the ability to open or close the awning in small amounts or all at once gives you a lot of flexibility in how you use the awning. 

Get an Installation Estimate

If you are considering installing an awning on your home, it is essential to get the awning company to come out and look at where you want the awning and measure the area to get the right size for the space you want to cover. If you are buying a custom awning, the company can use the measurement to build your awning correctly and make sure it is going to fit where you want it. 

Installing the Awning

Once the awning is complete and ready to install on your home, the contractor for the company will return to the property with the awning and a helper or two. They will unpack and assemble any part of the awning that needs it and then prepare to install it on the home. 

If the awning is electric, as most retractable units are, the contractor will need to tun some wiring for the motor on the awning. The contractor may ask where you want the control box if there is one, or the company that makes the awning may supply you with a remote that controls the awning wirelessly. 

Once the awning is complete, the contractor will show you how to control it and go over some safety instructions that include when you need to close the awning and how to maintain your new awning to get the most out of it.

Follow the guidelines that the awning manufacturer gives you, and your custom awning will last for many years and provide you the shelter you want from the sun with the freedom to sit and enjoy the outdoors.