Just A Few Uses For Decorative Colorful Glass Vases

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Decorating your home should be something fun. If you have even a slightly creative mind, you can come up with many different everyday items to use in your decorating. When you are looking for something to add a bit of color to an area, decorative colorful glass vases can be quite handy. You can find and buy decorative colorful glass vases online. Once you find a few that will suit your needs, you may find that you end up buying a few more to give you some options in case you want to make a few changes throughout the year. Here are just a few ways decorative vases can be used as both a decoration and something useful.

Air Freshener

If you enjoy having fresh, clean scents throughout the house, you may use potpourri, incense, or oils. A decorative vase can be used to hold these items without looking obvious. When you use a colorful vase, the potpourri can be kept hidden. If you choose to use oil, you may want to have a few bamboo sticks or even wood barbecue skewers in the vase to pull the oil from the vase and then release the scent into the air. When you choose incense, using sticks will allow it to stay lit and also to catch any ashes.

Personal Hygiene and Beauty Supplies

Decorative glass vases can add color to a neutral-colored bathroom. They can also be used as containers for different hygiene and beauty items. Cotton balls, toothbrushes, small pieces of soap you plan on putting together, or bath salts can all be kept in a vase. Any time you open a box of something like bandages or hair ties, you can put them in a vase for safekeeping as the vase will not allow the contents to get wet the way a cardboard box would.

Kitchen Utensils

A colorful vase can be a pretty addition to your kitchen counter. Use it to hold the cooking utensils you use most often at the stove. You can also use a vase to hold cutlery on the table. This can be a great help if you suddenly decide to take the meal to a different room or outside as you won't have to have a handful of utensils for everyone. It is also very handy if you are having a buffet dinner as you will be able to see if you are running low on any utensil and quickly fill the vase again.


Trying to keep track of the pens and pencils on your desk is never an easy task. However, if you have a decorative vase sitting on it, you can put all writing implements in the vase for safekeeping. You could also get the same color and style in a lower-profile vase to keep small desk objects like staples, erasers, and tacks neatly at hand.


Colorful decorative vases can be great candle holders. They will block any wind from blowing the candle out, catch the wax as it melts, and also create lovely, colored patters on the walls. Once the candle has melted, simply heat the vase is warm water to pour out the used wax. You may even buy an extra wick, melt the wax a bit, insert the new wick, and then reuse the candle created inside the vase.

Look around your house. Where would you like to add a bit of color? Are there small items generally kept in the area that could use a bit of organization? Go ahead and buy some decorative, colorful glass vases and efficiently solve two problems at once. If all else fails, having vases around may remind someone to buy you some flowers.