3 Unseen Advantages of Retractable Screen Doors

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If you do not have existing screen doors over your exterior doors because they simply do not make screen doors to it the opening, a retractable screen door is the next best option. It is no secret that these doors allow you to enjoy an opening to the outdoors without the worry of pests and bugs getting in the house if the door was opened with no protection. However, there are also a few often-forgotten advantages of retractable screen doors for the home. Here is a look at three of them. 

Lower the costs to cool your home in the summer. 

Once summer hits a certain point in most places, the temperature in the evening drops pretty drastically so that it is nice and cool outdoors The problem is, your house has sat in the summer sun all day and is probably still as hot as ever inside so you have to keep the AC running just to stay cool. If you have a retractable screen door, you can open up the doors and allow that nice cool breeze to blow through the house and turn off the air conditioner. 

Bring peaceful outdoor sounds into the room. 

If you just love how the night comes alive with the sound of crickets, night hawks, and other creatures, you will love having a retractable screen door. At night, you can open up your doors and get a listen to what is going on outside. This ability is especially useful in a room like a bedroom. If you have a set of balcony doors in your bedroom, for example, you can open up the doors, let down the retractable screen, and allow the sounds of the night to lull you to a peaceful sleep. 

Allow much more natural light into a room. 

Natural lighting from the sun can totally change the overall appearance and ambiance of a room, but most exterior doors do not have large enough windows to give you ample natural light. If you have a retractable screen in place over your exterior doors, you can always open up the doors and let down the screens to give the space a full opening almost from the floor to the ceiling, where natural light can stream through. For instance, if you need more natural light in your kitchen, you can open up the kitchen doors and get ample sunlight in the space.