Plan Garden-Themed Christmas Gifts

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Do many of the people on your Christmas list love to work out in their gardens? If so, perhaps you have decided that this Christmas you will give them presents that reflect their gardening interests. Do you already have a plan for what you'll purchase? If so, maybe you are already doing your early Christmas shopping. On the other hand, if you are looking for ideas, from buying seed packets online to purchasing decorative pots, here are some ideas that might help you.

Flower Seed Packets Online — Think of two ways you could use seed packets online for Christmas gifts. There are so many that you'll have the fun of selecting several different types. Plus, seed packets are so inexpensive that you'll be able to give each Christmas gift recipient a number of them.

Think of giving a combination of vegetable seeds, like carrots, cucumbers, and string beans, along with seeds for fruits like watermelons and tomatoes. Tie them up with a pretty ribbon for the gals on your list. For the guys, tie the seed packets in raffia or rope, just to add a masculine touch to the gift. Or put the seed packets in a Christmas-themed gift bag and give them without tying them together first.

Another idea is to plant the seeds yourself. Put them in something like an egg container to get them started. They can be transferred later on. Be sure to mark whichever container you use so you'll remember which plants are in there. Contact a company like Vermont Wildflower Farm to learn more about finding seed packets online.

Decorative Flower Pots — Of course, the amount of money you want to spend on each gift recipient will help you determine which pots to give away as Christmas presents. For example, for token thinking-of-you gifts, a very small pot with a seed packet tucked inside would be a very sweet gift. If you want to give larger gifts, think of purchasing a set of small decorative pots with different tiny plants already started in the pots. 

If you want to give an impressive gift, consider arranging a gift basket. It could include attractive gardening gloves, a gardening book, small gardening tools, and several different types of seed packets. Make the gift even nicer by giving a gift coupon to a nursery in the recipient's area. While you're at it, think of buying extra seed packets. Tuck them away for times that you need a little gift. And remember that you will probably want to keep some for yourself.