Why Composite Decking Is A Good Choice When You Have Kids

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A deck is a nice addition to your home if you have a beautiful view from your yard or if you just like to cook outdoors. A deck provides a surface for family gathering and fun, and you want to choose a decking material that's safe for your kids. Here's a look at why composite decking is a good choice for a backyard deck when you have kids who will play on it.

The Risk Of Splinters Is Eliminated

One constant danger of wood decking is that it can splinter. That makes playing in bare feet and sitting on the deck risky, especially when the wood gets old and it starts to deteriorate. A painful splinter in your child's foot is a sure way to spoil family fun. Composite decking doesn't splinter even though it is made partially of wood. The wood is mixed with plastic and that keeps it from decaying and splintering and being a danger to small children.

The Surface Is Not Slippery

Another advantage for kids is the surface of the deck has some texture for traction. Wood can be slippery when it gets wet, but this problem is eliminated with composite decking. Since they are manufactured planks, they are made with safety in mind. Your kids can run and play on the decking without the risk of sliding on a slippery surface and being hurt.

The Decking Is Easy To Keep Clean

Composite decking is easy to keep clean, and that's important when you have kids. Spills are easy to clean off since the planks have a plastic component. Plus, the planks are less likely to mold, and if they do grow mold, it can be removed easily. Since the decking is easy to keep clean, you don't have to worry about young kids crawling around on a dirty deck.

The Planks Are Less Toxic Than Wood

Wood used for outdoor decks is often pressure treated to protect it from insects. While the chemicals used in this process are effective at protecting the wood from insect damage, your kids are also at risk of exposure to the toxins. If you have small children that will sit on the deck or stretch out on it to play with toys, then you may be concerned about them being in close proximity to pressure treated wood. When you buy composite decking, you can eliminate these worries.

The Low Maintenance Means More Family Time

One big benefit of a composite deck is that it cuts down on the amount of deck maintenance you need to do. This could be important if the deck will be on a vacation home that you visit on weekends or other quick getaways. You don't want to spend an entire weekend sanding and staining a deck when you could be having fun with your kids instead. If you don't keep up with maintenance, a wood deck deteriorates much quicker. You don't have to worry about deterioration with composite wood so you'll spend less time keeping it in shape.