Are Your Weeds Out Of Control? Signs You Need Professional Help

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Your yard is susceptible to weeds no matter how well you take care of your landscape. Weed seeds get blown into your yard via the wind or get brought into your yard on clothing or even your pets, and once a weed starts to sprout, it can germinate and take over whole sections of your landscape.

While there are products on the market that can help you manage your weed problem, there are signs you need more than just the traditional items you have in your garage. Here are signs you need help with your weeds.

Your yard is mostly weeds

If your yard is mostly overtaken by weeds, particularly if you have many different weeds in your landscape, then professional weed control is needed. Some weeds are more stubborn than others and won't respond to classic weed killers. Still others will die down but not be killed at the roots, so your weed problem will continue.

A weed control specialist will come to your home and examine the type of weeds you have taking over your yard. Your specialist will also test your soil and determine the health of any existing grass you have. In some cases, killing off the entire yard is best for your problem. You can plant new sod or fresh grass seed after having your landscape treated and eradicated of weeds for a new start at a healthier lawn.

Your weeds are noxious

Noxious weeds are invasive weed species that are known to take over entire spaces of land. If you have noxious weeds, you must get rid of them entirely. Some city ordinances actually hold homeowners responsible for uncontrolled noxious weeds, so taking care of your problem now can save you from hefty fines.

Your weed control specialist knows how to manage and get rid of noxious weeds. If you aren't sure you have these types of weeds in your lawn, schedule an appointment for a consultation with your weed control expert.

You can't get rid of your weeds

You've tried every weed control product on the market, yet your weed problem still persists. If you're tired of spending time and money trying to manage your weed problem, it's time to call for professional help.

In some cases, it takes more than one initial visit from your weed control services to keep weeds at bay. Schedule for services every year to keep your lawn as weed-free as possible.