Magnificent Marble: Is It The Right Choice For Your Kitchen Countertop?

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When it comes to kitchen countertops, nothing can match the elegance of marble. However, the cost often sends homeowners looking for less expensive laminate or solid surfacing options for countertops. Is marble the right choice for your kitchen?

Marble is worth the cost

Marble is expensive, but it's a luxury material that is very durable and can easily last a lifetime. Not having to replace the countertop in a few years can be a huge cost saver. Marble countertops will also add more value to your kitchen should you ever decide to sell your home.

Less expensive laminates do not resist scratches and nicks, and are not repairable once scratched. Stains may be more difficult to control on certain laminate or solid surfacing countertops. Wood countertop materials are susceptible to warping and cracking from moisture.

Marble is a baker's delight

The cool, smooth surface of a marble countertop makes it the perfect workstation for making pastries. If you enjoy baking, a marble countertop is a great fit for you and your kitchen. Imagine turning out luscious pies and rich, buttery pastries to serve your family and friends, while at the same time enjoying the beauty marble will bring to your kitchen.

Marble isn't just for countertops

Why not add a matching marble backsplash to your kitchen for true elegance? For added drama, you can use mosaic inset squares of contrasting marble and granite to design a backsplash that will add the perfect finishing touch to your kitchen. It's a practical choice for a backsplash due to its proven durability.

Get creative with marble and other materials

If marble is out of your price range, why not consider using marble along with other materials? You will still enjoy the elegance of lovely marble while saving money. Use specific countertop materials for different purposes. The options are unlimited.

For instance, marble works great for making pastries, but you don't need an elegant surface for stacking dishes or unloading groceries. Use marble on an island bar or main focal point in the kitchen, and use laminate or butcher's block for other counters. With the color options available in solid surface laminates, you will be sure to find the perfect color to match your beautiful marble while keeping your budget intact.

Whether you decide to use marble for all your kitchen countertops or just a section, you can't go wrong. A marble countertop will bring years of lasting beauty to your home. It's a choice you will soon learn was well worth the cost.