How To Change Your Cabinet Doors

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When it comes to kitchen remodels, cabinets are always a great place to start. Cabinets not only get worn out in a kitchen because of all the moisture, cooking grease, and constant usage, but they can also just look out of style over time. If you are looking to upgrade your kitchen cabinets, the doors are the most important things to update. First of all, it is the doors that often need to be replaced because they get touched the most. Also, the doors are what really gives the cabinets their style. You will notice that the majority of the cabinet is just a square box, but the doors have unique designs and edges. This article explains the basic process of having new doors installed on your kitchen cabinets. Some of the work you can do yourself, but most of it will need to be handled by professionals.

Have Your Cabinets Measured and Order New Doors

For the best results, you should start off by having a cabinet maker come to your house and look at your cabinets. They will be able to tell you if it is possible to change out the doors without doing anything to the actual cabinet box. They will take measurements, and then they can start to build your new doors. At this point, you can start to clear out your cabinets. Then, just before your new doors arrive, you can remove the old ones. Most doors are attached to the hinges with just a couple of screws in the face frame. You should make sure that the cabinet maker delivers your new doors with the new hinges attached. You should also consider investing in modern, self-closing hinges. These are quiet and prevent slamming.

Installing the New Doors

Once the doors are delivered to your home, you can actually install them yourself, especially if the new hinges are already attached. Basically, you just have to hang the doors using a level. This is definitely a two-person job. One person can hold the door while it is being leveled, and the other one can attach the hinges.

You will probably be surprised how completely different your kitchen cabinets will look with new doors. This allows you to give your kitchen a dramatic update at a fraction of the cost. Of course, you make the project much more affordable if you do some of the work yourself. By hanging your own doors, your labor cost will be minimal. To learn more, visit sites like