4 Tips That Will Turn Your Little One's Bedroom Into A Tempting Toddler Terrain

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A toddler's bedroom is like a safe haven within the home, a place where your little one can play, create, and use their imagination. It can be fun to decorate your toddler's room with pictures, toys, and lots of furniture. But why not decorate the space in a way that encourages creativity and learning? There are a variety of great ways to spruce things up that create a nice balance of fun and learning. Here are four tips that will help you do just that:

Mix and Match the Furniture Design

Instead of purchasing a matching bedroom furniture set, consider mixing things up and using unique pieces in the space. Choose a cool car bed for your little boy, or one built like a castle for your little girl. Go for night stands designed in the likeness of cartoon characters, and a small craft table with legs that look like tree stumps. Find a rocking chair painted the colors of the rainbow as a centerpiece. The idea is to make the space look like a scene from a children's book or movie – don't be afraid of oversized furniture and those painted with unconventional colors.

Turn the Wall into an Art Station

A great way to spark creativity and make learning fun is to turn a wall in the room into an art station. This can easily be done by using chalkboard paint on the entirety of the wall and then attaching a wall easel where it's easy for your little one to reach. Install a few floating shelves along the edges of the wall for art supplies, and hang up colorful letters of the alphabet along the top of the wall for reference. You may also want to put a small coat hanger in the corner near the art wall to hang things like smocks and dress-up clothes on.

Implement Throw Rugs for Play

There are a variety of interactive throw rugs on the market designed to engage children in play, which adds extra fun to the room without taking up any extra space. You can find rugs that have miniature cities printed on them, as well as those that act as doll houses. Some can be used with toy cars, while others offer the chance to play hop scotch. Tap into your child's natural interests when choosing interactive throw rugs for their bedroom, and look for those made of wool for added insulation. Other options that provide insulation benefits include acrylic, nylon, and cotton.

Paint the Space with Intention

Color tends to have an effect on peoples' moods, so choosing the right paint colors for your toddler's walls can make a difference in how they engage in the space. For example, red creates excitement, but it also invokes aggression in many people, so it probably isn't the best option for a young child's room. On the other hand, yellow tends to invigorate people with happiness and energizes the senses. Other effective options to consider include:

  • Blue slows respiration and heart rate and encourages relaxation.
  • Green brings the outdoors inside and is calming to the eye.
  • Purple is associated with creativity and offers a luxurious touch.
  • Orange encourages enthusiasm and invokes energy.

For the best results, use multiple colors in the space by choosing a main color for the walls and using one or two accent colors for trim and borders. A fun way to add splashes of color throughout the room is to stencil designs on the wall and paint them to bring them to life.

Once the room is newly furnished and decorated, you should find that it's easy for your child to engage in mindful play and keep themselves busy in a constructive way while spending time in their bedroom. Keep these tips in mind as you look for new furniture pieces from retailers like Design Center Furniture