Pull Up Or Eat Up? 3 Garden Weeds That Are Edible

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Does your yard or garden look like it needs some weed control? You may be tempted to go out and pull up all of those pesky weeds, or even spray them with chemicals to create a more uniform look to your yard. However, don't be too quick to discard every weed you come across. Some of them are edible, and are actually quite healthy for you. Even if they are growing in your vegetable garden, you can let them be. Just group them into their own section and use them in salads. Remember, not every weed is bad. Here are three common yard and garden weeds you can eat.

1. Dandelions

Among the most common and easily identified of garden weeds, dandelions are extremely nutritious. In fact, it wasn't always considered a weed. European immigrants cultivated it as an edible plant in their gardens and brought it to America with them.

The greens are excellent in salads or sauteed. They have a slightly bitter taste that makes a good contrast to sweeter flavors you may mix them with in your cooking. Dandelions have a ton of beta carotene in them (which converts to Vitamin A in your body), and the edible leaves are best harvested when they are young and tender.

2. Purslane

According to TreeHugger.com, purslane is a common weed that grows in low, shady, moist areas. It is usually found in the bottoms of gardens, below the other plants. Don't remove it from your garden, though! Purslane is packed full of nutrients.

It is one of the few leafy greens that contains Omega 3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are extremely beneficial to your health, as they reduce inflammation and promote good neurological health and improved memory. Omega 3 fatty acids are also good for the joints, providing them with healthy lubrication.

You can eat purslane cooked or raw. The leaves are crisp and have a peppery flavor. It goes well in salads, stir-fries, and on sandwiches. In fact, you can use it in pretty much any dish to add an extra dose of nutrition.

3. Plantain

This is a weed that is often found growing through the cracks of sidewalks. It's very hardy and can survive almost anywhere, even in the middle of a busy city. Since it's found in so many places, it offers a free dose of healthy nutrition to anyone who cares to munch on it.

Plantain is full of phytonutrients of all kinds. In fact, it's as healthy for you as kale. Just pick it, wash it thoroughly, and sautee it to soften it up a bit. You can eat it plain or with any seasonings of your choice, as it makes a superior side dish.

4. Nasturtium

This bright, flowery weed is a great salad topper. It is one of those edible flowers that gourmet chefs are so fond of using in their culinary creations. Its vivid orange appearance creates a striking and impressive look for any dish.

Even better than its looks is its nutritional content. Nasturtium is packed with Vitamin C. You can eat the leaves as well as the flowers, too. Mix them all up in a salad, or use the flowers as edible decorations on all kinds of things, even dessert.


Not all garden weeds need weed control. While you can't eat every single weed in your yard, some of them are well worth saving. Learning which weeds are edible can give you a healthier diet while allowing you to save on your grocery bill. After all, weeds are free. Look around your yard and garden today to see what's growing that you can add to your dinner. Then tackle the non-edible weeds with the help of a weed control company in your area. Find out here about a weed control company's rates and services.